Supreme Court must address the Press after every major ruling - Davis Opoku

In a message on his Facebook wall, he acknowledged Justice Dotse’s media interaction to put clarity on the recent ruling of Abu Ramadan & Others V Electoral Commission & the Attorney General.

He believes an address of the media by the Supreme Court is well placed in modern practices, sighting the recent case of R v Jogee, where the UK Supreme Court, after a 37-Page ruling, issued a 4-page Press Summary on the court’s decision to overturn a wrong principle on the law of complicity.

Facebook Post

"It is about time the Supreme Court of Ghana issues a Press Statement after every ruling to clarify their position in clear terms devoid of the legal jargons. It will help a lot...

A press summary is well placed in modern Practices. The UK supreme court, in a recent 37 Page Ruling in R V Jogee, issued a 4-page press summary to provide clarity and help the media explain the ruling to the citizenry.

We cannot allow Lawyers with Political coloration to always mischievously, explain to us their position, aimed at scoring political points.

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Davis Ansah Opoku

MP for Mpraeso Constituency. The Deputy Ranking Member-Public Accounts Committee & a member - Works & Housing committee of Parliament of Ghana.
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