We don’t want a Special Prosecutor that engages in article writing- Davis Opoku.

Honourable Davis Ansah Opoku, MP for Mpraeso, has stated that the nation does not want a Special Prosecutor that engages in article writing as against his actual job as a prosecutor.

Speaking on his expectation of the Special Prosecutor nominee, Kissi Agyebeng,;he indicated that article writing is not the role of the prosecutor.

“If you look at Act 959, it clearly states the role of the Special Prosecutor. We do not want a Special Prosecutor that engages in article writing and vents his anger easily in the media. That for me is not the role of the Special Prosecutor because this is a position where you will be stepping on a lot of toes and you will be taking on people in the political space.

“It will involve people who are well to do and people who are in the political space;and so it’s important that you have a tough skin and you are able to insulate yourself from the various attacks that will be coming to you.”

Davis Opoku
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Special Prosecutor nominee, Kissi Agyebeng during vetting

He disclosed that he was impressed with Kissi Agyebeng’s performance yesterday and believes when he’s given;the mandate, he will deliver as the next Special Prosecutor.

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Davis Ansah Opoku

MP for Mpraeso Constituency. The Deputy Ranking Member-Public Accounts Committee & a member - Works & Housing committee of Parliament of Ghana.
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